Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 27, June 16, Luther, MI to Ludington, MI.  I was up early (about 6:15) and anxious to get to Ludington to see the big city.  When I made the hotel reservation I thought I was told there was a Beach Volleyball tournament at Ludington.  Dave and I were hoping to see the women pro beach volleyball players.  Dave was also psyched to get to Ludington.  To our disappointment, the tournament is 3-person basketball done for charity.  We have been in the rural areas what seems like forever.  Today started out the same with miles and miles of miles and miles.  Both sides of the road were endless forests although not large trees.  This area of Michigan was logged years ago.  We stopped at the recommended diner for breakfast at about the 3 mile point.  We were the first in and actually arrived before the 8am opening.  It was a breakfast buffet and quite good.  I had “creamed beef” on a biscuit, eggs, and apple pie.  Headed on done the road, which was surprisingly flat and we made good time.  Our next stop was in the town of Free Soil, MI, at about 30 miles, but we had made such good time, we weren’t ready for lunch.  Dave had his usual grouping of sweets; ice cream followed by a diet coke with a candy bar.  Not to be outdone, I had a blueberry muffin and coffee.  We pressed on and continued to make great time and arrived in Ludington at 1 with 50 miles behind us.  Our hotel room faces Lake Michigan (our second Great Lake!) and looks out to the Ludington Light House.  The hot tub at the hotel was a welcome relief from many days of riding.  We toured the town in the midst of a rain shower.  Another hotel guest recommended a wonderful Italian restaurant which was 3 blocks away.  Back at the room we watched the SS Badger arrive from Wisconsin.  The SS Badger is the last operating ferry on the lake and is coal fired.  We will board at 8 tomorrow for our trip to Manitowoc.  Total mileage for the day was 55+.

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